Niall Behan

Election Campaign

General Description

Niall Behan was running for Business Rep in Dublin City University for the 2016. The position meant he would be the representative for the the Students and would help make the overall work life balance better for students and faculty.

Niall was successful with his campaign and was elected Business Rep. I took photos and designed his posters, t shirts and flyers for his campaign. I did everything I could to create the best possible posters to get his points across and I am happy with how they turned out.

Project Name

Company: Niall Behan Election Campaign
Category: Graphic Design
Start Date: 01.01.2015
Finish Date: Present


"Greg worked tirelessly to create the exact branding that we were after, he always had his work completed before the deadline and was very accommodating when it came to adjusting designs to make them perfect."

Niall Behan, Business Rep 2016