Jeff Seid

Clothing Design

General Description

Jeff Seid is a professional bodybuilder. He has over 2.4 million Facebook fans, 1.5+ millions Instagram followers 600,000+ YouTube subscribers and 100,000+ Twitter followers.

Jeff Seid was looking for a designer in 2013 for his new clothing line. I got in contact with him and showed him a few potential designs. He was impressed by what I sent and we began working on his clothing line. In the end we settled on one main design "Cut Like A Diamond". I created the origianl concept design which is shown on the slideshow, after I sold the design to him he messed around with it and the design was printed on multiple garments on his website.

Project Name

Company: Jeff Seid - Seid Wear
Category: Graphic Design
Start Date: 04.10.2013
Finish Date: 10.02.2015


"The design Greg created is pretty good! He's talented. I've enjoyed working with him on this! We worked together to create a professional level shirt design that I used for my clothing line."

Jeff Seid